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1937-D Three Legged Buffalo Nickel
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1937-D "Three Leg Variety"

It is rare when an error in U.S. coinage can be traced to the individual who was responsible for creating that error. In 1937, a Mr. Young, who was then new to the Mint, and under pressure to complete a quota of coinage, took an emery stick and ground off evidence of die clashing from a pair of dies. But, in his haste, he also inadvertently ground off part of the foreleg of the bison. Only one pair of dies was so affected and Mint State examples are very scarce, although lower grade, circulated coins are always available for a price.
These nickels are known as Buffalo, Bison or Indian Head nickels. James E. Fraser designed this nickel employing three different Indians as models. His initial "F" is beneath the date. The bison was modeled after "Black Diamond" in the New York Park Zoo.

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