YES, I want to be part of America's Coin Club. I understand that I will receive the Association's monthly magazine The Numismatist; have access to 30,000 books in the world's largest numismatic lending library; will be eligible for discounts on numismatic books; and obtain dozens of other exclusive member benefits.


Name: ____________________
Address: ____________________

City: ____________________
State: __________
Zip: __________
Country: __________
Postal Code: __________
E-Mail: ___________________
Birth date (MM-DD-YEAR) ___/___/_____
Type of membership (select one): _____ Regular $39 (US - 1 year)
_____ Regular $49 (Foreign - US funds - 1 year)
_____ Junior $15 17 years or younger (US - 1 year)
_____ Senior $35 (US - Age 65 or older - 1 year)
_____ Regular $90 (US - 3 year)
_____ Regular $150 (US - 5 year)
_____ Life $750

*Annual membership dues (with the exception of Associate membership) include $20 for a one-year subscription to The Numismatist.


To join by credit card:
Please charge my membership dues of   $__________
Credit Card Type: _____ Visa
_____ MasterCard
_____ Discover Card
_____ American Express
Credit Card No. (all digits): ____________________
Expiration Date (MMYY): ____/____
Signature: ____________________

Periodically, the ANA's mailing list is sold or provided to third parties. If you do not want your information provided to such parties for non-ANA related mailings, please check here. ______.
(Previous requests not to provide your information will continue to be honored.)

Promotion Code _______

I herewith make application for membership in the American Numismatic Association, subject to the Bylaws of said Association. I also agree to abide by the Code of Ethics adopted by the Association.

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Mail or Fax your application to:

American Numismatic Association
818 North Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Fax: 719-634-4085

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